Jalapeno Cheddar Beer Soup

Suggested Product:

 Jalapeno Gold – Dill

Jalapeno Beer Cheddar Soup

1 small onion, chopped                                                1 – ½ cups light or heavy cream

2 large pimentos, chopped (optional)                            1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese

  3 tablespoons all-purpose flour                                    1 tablespoon Jalapeno Gold (minced)

1 – ½ cups chicken stock                                               (add more if desired)

     3 tablespoons butter                                                    ½ tablespoon each of salt and pepper

   3 tablespoons of beer (optional)                                    ½ teaspoons garlic powder

In a saucepan, sauté onion and pimentos in butter for 5 to 7 minutes. Blend or whisk in flour until thick. Add stock, beer, cream, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Cook about 5 minutes more until it begins to thicken. Add cheese and Jalapeno Gold until melted. Add additional salt and pepper to taste.

Serving suggestions:        Crackers

                                                              Toasted French Bread

Notes: Try topping a baked potato, adding chopped tomatoes, bacon, or chives.

Mix entire soup recipe with your favorite chili and pour over fries for chili cheese fries.

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