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  • Candied Cranberry Balsamic - 12 oz jar

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    This full bodied, sweet, slightly spicy, fruit & nut glaze is quite versatile. Simply pour over cream cheese or hot brie & serve with your favorite crackers or crusty warm French bread. Top or use as a condiment on ham, turkey, chicken, pork, or quail. Bursting with flavor and beautifully bright in color and texture!

  • Chipotle Pepper Jalapeño Glaze - 13 oz jar


    This sauce combines sweet flavors with smoky chipotle, and spicy jalapenos to create a rich and flavorful glaze. Use as a secret ingredient when cooking or grilling or use as a finishing sauce on pork, chicken, ham, or ribs.

  • Dill & Garlic Jalapeno Glaze - 13 oz jar


    Combining the fresh and aromatic flavors of dill and garlic to create a bright, sweet and spicy glaze that enhances any of your favorite savory dishes. Jazz up your green beans or spice up salmon, pork or meatballs. Drizzle over fresh hot bread, use as a dip for boiled shrimp, egg rolls, or wontons. A must-have for garlic lovers everywhere!

  • Jalapeno Margarita Sauce - 13 oz jar


    A burst of fresh lime, coupled with a sweet and savory jalapeno flair with a hint of BBQ flavor makes this sauce as versatile as it gets. Great for cooking and grilling chicken, pork, shrimp, turkey or quail. Use it in place of ordinary BBQ sauce, make a sassy coleslaw or use it to add a burst of flavor to sandwiches.

  • Peach Mesquite Pecan Sauce - 12 oz jar


    Sweet peaches, spicy jalapenos, and fresh orchard pecans make this slightly spicy sauce perfect for paring with ham, turkey, chicken, pork or quail. Pour over cream cheese, or hot brie and serve with your favorite cracker or warm crusty baguettes. Also, a great condiment to a beautiful meat and cheese platter that is sure to impress your family and friends!

  • Raspberry Chipotle Pecan Sauce - 12 oz jar


    The perfect blend of bright, fresh, sweet raspberries, smoky, chipotle pepper, and creamy fresh orchard pecans take this deliciously sweet condiment with just a hint of heat to extraordinary. Use as a marinade, glaze, finishing, or dipping sauce. Simply pour over cream cheese or brie and serve with your favorite crackers for a beautiful and delicious appetizer.